Squadron Leader Laurence Thorogood

Sergeant Laurence ‘Rubber’ Thorogood at Bibury during the Battle of Britain.

Although my obsession with the Spitfire is well-known, my work has never just been about Spitfires – but Hurricanes too. In fact, thinking about it, during the Battle of Britain, because Hurricanes were more numerous, most of the Few flew that type, converting to Spitfires later, so most of the Few I knew actually flew Hurricanes in 1940! Amongst their august number that fateful summer was Sergeant Laurence ‘Rubber’ Thorogood, flying Hurricanes with 87 Squadron out of Exeter and Bibury.

Another welcome guest at my Duxford and Worcester events back in the day, Laurence had a vast and unique collection of 87 Squadron photographs from 1940/41, all of which are now in my archive and provide a unique window on the past. Having also flown Spitfires in the Far East, Laurence was awarded a well-earned DFC. Squadron Leader Thorogood remained the post-war RAF, but left us for that big Sector Station beyond the stars in 2005. Still much missed…

Squadron Leader Thorogood (closest to camera) with other Battle of Britain pilots at the launch of Dilip Sarkar’s ‘Battle of Britain: The Photographic Kaleidoscope’ in 1999.